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The Buckeye Opportunity

Buckeye country has never been a “flyover country” to us.  Our ancestors have lived through non-stop innovation since Ohio was populated.  Agriculture, oil, steel, rubber, polymers, retail, consumer packaged goods, insurance, pharmaceuticals, military, space and communications.  Those flying over have forgotten that Ohio and Buckeyes have been the creators or part of the great waves of innovation that have made our country the greatest innovative force the world has ever experienced.

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Our Why:

Carmen is here to invest in and nurture the technologies and startups formed by Buckeyes.  We are investing in the current and future of Ohio.  By all measures, Ohio needs more venture investment.  By all measures, opportunities abound.  They just need the financial backing and the expertise of Buckeye Nation to succeed. That is why Carmen is:  Buckeyes Investing in Buckeyes.

Our How:

The power of research and innovation.  The power of Buckeye Nation.  The people behind the Voltage Valley and the Silicon Heartland.  No one can match the breadth, depth, and skills of the people deeply connected to Ohio.

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