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University Technology Archaeologist

There is treasure lurking in the research labs, patent filings, prototypes, and demos of technical innovation across the universities in Ohio. It just takes a bit of digging to find it. That is not a knock on the universities, researchers, entrepreneurs, or anyone else associated with helping university innovation see the light of the commercial space.

It is a direct reflection of the sheer quantity and magnitude of the research that is performed each year and has been accumulating for decades at an ever-increasing rate. The decades-old stuff may not be viable for commercialization, but it certainly is upon what the current research is built. If you walk through the labs and test facilities of Ohio universities you will be overwhelmed by the number, scope, and development of the work being done. Endless innovation in precision medicine, mechanical engineering, energy, data science, space exploration, welding, materials – you name it. Walk the fields and pens of the agricultural facilities, visit NASA Glenn, stand gaping at the size of the Air Force Research Labs, and realize that you are only seeing what is on the surface. Beneath the surface there are thousands of researchers, churning out billions of dollars of innovation per year. They are compiling patents and proving their theories. Moving innovations ever closer to the light of day and commercial readiness.

That is where Carmen Ventures and the rest of the Ohio venture ecosystem come in. We are here to help uncover, fund and bring those life-changing innovations to market. To help founders form teams, hire executives, and get the startups to market. We all benefit from the move to commercialization. The universities, researchers, employees, funders and most of all, society benefits from getting technology out of the lab and into the market. It is how we can build Ohio and do well while doing good. It is reflective of the Land Grant mission of Ohio State and of the mission that all Ohio universities pursue on behalf of all Ohioans.

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